What are Your Thoughts on Mutts?

“We ‘mixed breeds’ are special you know. We got it going on. We’re just cool like that. Some of us have it a little rough roaming the streets. You’ll find many more of my buds protected in shelters but the lucky ones like me, get our very own human to love. They call us mutts…it must mean something extra special.” — the mighty mutt

Shiver me timbers…

July 31st is National Mutt Day. A day when we can celebrate those mixed canines that don’t need a pedigree to be loveable and amazing! Mutts that have found their way from being homeless into the hearts of dedicated pet-parents despite the fact that they are…well…mutts!

At KirinGie.Me we wanted to get a jump start on National Mutt Day by featuring awesome people who adore their pedigree-challenged canines and are proud of it.

To get the ball rolling we want to introduce you to some very special girls, meet Jada and Bailey of the Chestnut Mutts. These two mutts found their way into the loving arms of Abby Chestnut. Here’s what she has to say about her amazing mixed breeds:

Jada Chestnut“I met Jada in 2011 when she was only 2 months-old – a family member could not keep her so I decided to take care of her as I had already fallen in love with the little booger (Jada is a chihuahua/yorkie mix
(a chorkie).

Even at that young age I started to train her to sit and lay down in between potty breaks and naps. She caught on quickly and I learned that she was super food motivated.

Everyone we met fell in love with her bright white smile. When Jada turned one year-old she already knew how to dance and high five! Around that time we also ran into Bailey, or Bailey actually ran into us; Bailey is possibly a yorkie/affenpinscher mix.

Bailey ChestnutI was outside watering the grass and I saw a puppy walking on the other side of the road – this was a very busy road where people often speed – so when I yelled “Hey puppy!” The little one looked up happily and ran towards me (I was very worried that a car would come any second). Thankfully the puppy made it over to me; she was so muddy but happy.

What made me fall in love with this little girl was that she would not leave me alone! My parents did not want another dog (we had 4 at the time), but the puppy stayed outside over night and scratched at the door. Being the animal lover I am, I brought in the puppy and gave her a bath. So many fleas! Ack!

The next day we walked around and searched for an owner with no luck. I named her Bailey just because it was a kind of tomboyish name and I could tell she had spunk in her. The two dogs got along ok, thankfully Bailey is so chill that it kind of balances out Jada’s wild spunk!

Over time Jada learned a lot more tricks and Bailey got more fluffy and laid back. I love these two girls and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

When it comes to mutts, you can’t go wrong!”  Abby Chestnut, The Chestnut Mutts

We want to thank Abby for her compassion and care for animals and for taking the time to share her story and photos of her adorable mutts Jada and Bailey. Adorable aren’t they?!

At your local animal shelter you’ll find many purebreds and mixed breeds that belong in a home in the company of a good human they can cheer up and entertain. If you find yourself longing for good, loyal companionship that will take you out on walks, visit your nearest animal shelter. You might just find a ray of light that brightens up your days.

Now if you haven’t heard, we gave away a $25 pet store gift card for the best mutt story that was shared with us. The winner was announced on July 31st, National Mutt Day! Thanks to everyone who participated and spread the word to help make July 31st a Happy Mutt Day!

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