The Top 5 Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids

“I hear the school bus pull to a stop outside the house. Arrroooooo. My little human is finally home! I’m so excited, I can’t stop my tail from wagging in anticipation to see him walk in the door. He’s my best friend.” — the family keeper

A Pet For The Family

April 26 is National Kids and Pets Day. What a great celebration of two of America’s favorite treasures. At some point, nearly every kid will ask for a puppy or a kitten. Did you know that there are actual benefits to your family to having a pet? Here are the top 5 reasons pets are good for kids.

  1. Pets teach responsibility. Even the smallest toddler is able to help to fill a water or food bowl. Small, easy chores can start a child down the path to responsible adulthood. They learn that the world is not always JUST about them.
  2. Owning a pet can enable children to learn to build better relationships with people. You will see children talk to pets like they would a person. This not only helps with their speech and vocabulary but can boost confidence in public speaking skills. While walking a pet, you usually encounter people along the way and the pet is the spark for conversation. In addition, owning a pet teaches your child to learn to take care of another being.
  3. Pet owners typically are more physically active. Just taking the time to get on the floor and play with a cat or take a dog for a walk can provide time away from video games and television. These brief moments of exercise, scattered throughout the day, are helpful for both the pet and the owner.
  4. Pets can provide comfort & other emotional health benefits to your child. A pet is always loving and never critical. They can be a confidante to a child who had a bad day. They can sit and comfort a child who is ill. Dogs especially seem to be in tune with their owners and can usually tell when someone is stressed. Just a nuzzle from the puppy can calm an upset child and help to end the tears.
  5. Pets have been proven to have various physical health benefits. The American Heart Association has expressed that owners of dogs typically have a reduced risk of heart disease, less depression, lower blood pressure and feel more calm. In addition, some evidence shows that kids raised in homes with pets like dogs and cats seem to have / develop less allergies later by possibly developing immunity. Pets often bring the family together and can be the focus of a family activity such as walking, grooming or just plopping down on the floor for play time.

Whether just hanging out or going for a walk, there are many potential benefits of adding a pet to your family. Just be sure to discuss all the options and choose the best pet for your family and family lifestyle.

 Here are some videos we came across that you might find helpful:

Are your kids and pets sitting in the proper locations in your car?

Kids + pets = a great combination when done right!

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