High Paw to Volunteers!

“You are the ray of light in my gloomy days.  Your soft voice soothes me. It gives me hope that one day someone like you will take me home and love me.  Don’t stop sharing your love for what you do makes my life worth living. From all of us with fur, feathers, skin and scales we give you a high paw, a sloppy kiss or a grateful look.  Keep up the grrrreat work!” — the ones left behind

High Paw!  Thanks For All You Do!

You are the purrfect example of kindness, dedication and humanity.  As we wrap up this National Volunteer Week, we want to thank all of our special guests Kylee for her work with therapy dogs at Magical Paws, Melissa for making a difference in the lives of defenseless dogs Winnie and to Melissa for stepping in to rescue the growing numbers of abandoned piggies, for sharing their stories and most of all, their lives and time for these deserving animals.  Without people like you, these poor souls may not have been given the chance they deserve.  We wish you success in the future of all you do and to all the foster pet-parents, rescue organizations and shelters that continue to take in the lost and the homeless.

Be sure to join us at KirinGie.Me the coming days to learn about the importance of ID’ing your pet and some helpful hints on preventing your dog or cat from escaping.  In addition, we celebrate Hairball Awareness Day, National Kids and Pets Day, as well as National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.  We had a ball fetching all this cool information, so don’t miss out.

KirinGie.Me is working on solving the problem of abandoned pets. In the meantime, join our mailing list so we can keep you posted of our progress. When we launch, you’ll be the first to know.

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