April: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

“We are big and small. We have fur. We have feathers. We have scales or skin. And we have feelings too. We will love you because you are our masters, our owners, our pet-parents and most of all, our best friends. We will comfort you in the bad times and rejoice with you in the good. All we ask for in exchange is that you treat us kindly. With care. With love. And with the same devotion we will always give you…” — pets everywhere

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

It is sad that with all the leaps and bounds that humans have made over the decades, that we still need to have a month dedicated to bringing awareness of the plight of so many abused and abandoned animals.

However, as sad as that may be, KirinGie.Me is working hard to inform and educate all who knock on our door.   We are excited to take the opportunity on this ‘Easter’ month to test your knowledge with our Bunny IQ quiz and to also give you a few good pointers on how to keep your pet rabbit healthy and happy.  We will also dive into the perils of dog fighting on ‘National Dog Fighting Awareness Day,’ then change gears and have some fun to celebrate ‘National Pet Day.’

KirinGie.Me also wants to give a shout out to all those foster parents and shelter workers forNational Volunteer Week– coming up later this month – as well as ‘National Kids and Pets Day.’  In addition, we will also cover some tips on how to prevent hairballs in cats and also encourage the potential pet-parents to adopt, rather than shop for your next pet-pal on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.’

We invite you to peruse the pages of our site and even to drop us a line or two about what’s on your mind.  Come join us in the fight to give a voice to the voiceless, a home to the homeless and to shine a light on the forgotten

Are you a pet parent?

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