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October is Here: Think of the PAWSabilities!

“Finally. Cool grass to lay in, new plants to nibble on, and a warm cozy bed to call my own. This is the life! I love Fall.” — your lucky dog

Falling For You… and Your Pets

This month, as the cooler fall weather moves in, we’re embracing our community all the more as we launch a number of contests and opportunities for you to show off your special companion. Take a break from raking those leaves (to catch your canine in cute pose), and then share that photo! Whether you have a feline who thinks football is the cat’s meow, or a nifty Halloween costume for your pet bunny, we want to know about it!

In addition, we also have some can’t-miss content up our sleeve this month with our most incredible and awe-inspiring stories of pets that are all-too-often overlooked… they’re sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Barking up the Right Tree

September didn’t just mark the back-to-school season and the beginning of autumn. Here at KirinGie.Me we also kicked off Happy Cat Month with 5 Ways to Pamper Your Feline and 5 Healthy Plants for Kitties and Their Humans! Check out these tips to keep your whiskered companion feeling the love well into the holidays.

We also didn’t forget to celebrate the precious pooches in our lives as well, starting with a touching tribute by man’s best friend to a September 11 Hero. Then, we honored the dedication of Guide Dogs and their handlers for Guide Dog Awareness Month and celebrated those special hearing impaired companions for Deaf Dog Awareness Week.

Do you have multiple pets or are you pondering bringing home another furbaby? For many of us pet-parents we can’t just stop at one, which is why we shared tips on introducing new pets to one another. We also didn’t want to leave out our favorite grey-haired, bully-breed, and left behind animals so we launched into Less Adoptable Pets Week to show the world their worth.

Although some topics are difficult to read about, this month we needed to address the dangerous, heartbreaking trend of Puppy Mills and backyard breeding/ With over 7 million pets housed in shelters every year, we at KirinGie.Me want to continue to advocate adoption and animal rescue as the only safe and humane option for pet ownership.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag… Here’s What’s Next!

September was all about celebration, but October is all about keeping your furbabies safe and healthy! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about adopting, vaccinating, and training a new pet, as well as give you an inside look into local rescue shelters that treat and help provide medical care for abused and neglected animals. We’ll also share some easy tips to prevent losing your pet during the upcoming holiday season.

Did you know that much like cats, dogs with black fur are less likely to be adopted? Here at KirinGie.Me, we believe every animal deserves a safe and loving home! That’s why this month we’ll be sharing stories and more on precious animals victimized by cultural stigmas, particularly black dogs and pit bulls, in celebration of National Black Dog Day and Pit Bull Awareness Day. Join us as we seek to change these societal impressions.

Cat Got Your Tongue? Help Us Help Them!

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