Never Forgetting Our Beloved Pets

“When our eyes locked, it was love at first sight. When you took me in it was a commitment for life. You have loved me, fed me and kept me safe. I have repaid you with cuddles, kisses and unwavering loyalty. A blissful decade and a half later you’re commitment to me remained true, but now it’s time to let me go. My days are numbered now. I can no longer jump, run, simply walking hurts. The sounds, the smells and food no longer excites me. I am tired. I see your sadness but in my mind I have all the wonderful memories of playing, chasing around, going on long walks and fund car rides…I feel your love. With every heartbeat to my very last breath, you are my world. Thank you.” — your faithful pet

Loyal companions…

The second Sunday of June is World Pet Memorial Day. This is a special day where we remember the pets that we have loved and lost. Our companions may be gone but they still provide us with smiles. Think about that one scorching summer day when you went swimming in the cool, refreshing lake together. Remember that one autumn afternoon when you came back from work and she was there eagerly awaiting your return. Reminisce on those Netflix, ice cream, and FRIENDS marathon nights with your favorite partner in crime.

On this day, do something good in the name of your beloved pet. Perhaps you can spend an hour or two at the shelter and play with the animals. Think of the impact you can make in the life of another pet who is eager to love and be loved. If time is hard to contribute, then consider making a donation (i.e. blankets, food, toys) in the name of your pet. Simple acts like hanging a framed picture or watching some family videos of your pet is also a great way to recollect the memories.

Want to go even bigger? The Arbor Day Foundation has a Trees for Pets program where you can plant a living memorial in the name of your pet. Want to get a little creative? Write a letter to yourself in the voice of your pet and read it in a year. You could start a little tradition. Want something a bit more permanent? Make a scrapbook with all of your favorite memories together. It’ll be great for the future.

Whatever you choose to do, whether it’s sitting on the couch and talking about your pet with family members or seeking another shelter adoption in honor of the pet you lost, National Pet Memorial Day is an opportunity to remind ourselves how wonderful our furry friends are. They comfort us when we need them the most. They give us a chuckle after a rough day at work. The reason we cry because of their death is because they are irreplaceable. But we move forward and continue living our lives with their spirits in our hearts.

From our founder: I still mourn the loss of my past pets. They have all been wonderfully unique. At times I cry when I look at my wonderful cats and my most loyal dog. They are older now and I know in the not so distant future I’ll have to go through the pain of loss once more. Just that thought makes me appreciate our time together and love them even more.

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