November: Better Than a Pumpkin Spice Latte

With November comes playoff season, cooler weather, and the holidays. But November also marks the start of National Adopt a Senior Dog Month! Join us as we celebrate our beloved, gray-haired forever companions, as well as make room in our hearts for a few more.

This month was a howling good time for KirinGie.Me as we interviewed a number of special animal rescue organizations working around the clock to find homes for overlooked pets. We’re so grateful for everything they do! Here’s the scoop on last month’s top stories:

Pets and Their Stuffed Animals

Cuteness alert.

The danger lurking in your own backyard.

Interview with Black Dog
Animal Rescue

Emotional and physical healing are the first steps to finding forever homes.
Keep your pet a lean, mean cuddle machine with our expert tips.

Dangers of Over-Vaccination

Our complete, printable guide to vet care and Emergency Pet First Aid.

Prevent & Protect Missing Pets

How socialization can keep your pets safe + our Emergency Checklist.

The History of Pit Bulls

Tackling the stigma of a misunderstood breed at the source.

How to Care for Pets When
You’re Sick

Personal illness and unexpected circumstances can be hard on pets.

How to Train Your Bully

Expert tips & fun facts from Cesar Millan and more.

Interview with Boise Bully
Breed Rescue

Striving to give bully breeds and abandoned dogs a second chance.
 October was all about healthy pets and helping those left behind, but November is all about family — furry companions included! Join us as we share our best feel-good stories and holiday tips for keeping your pets warm, safe, and loved this season. Stay connected and spread the word — we can’t launch without you!

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