What Do People Do When There Are No Pets Allowed?

Why is my human so upset? I don’t understand what is happening in our home. Boxes everywhere. When my human looks into my eyes, she is so sad. I wag my tail and lick her face to comfort her but that only makes her cry. I love my human. I’ll do anything for her, if only I knew why she is so sad and what I could do…

One of the biggest reasons why pets end up abandoned or in the shelter system is due to the loss of its masters home. Many owners of apartment complexes or rentable houses do not want the hassle or damage that can occur with pets. So it’s NO PETS ALLOWED. Unfortunately, this can put caring pet owners in an unfortunate situation.  The lucky ones, those with friends, family or foster pet parents, can oftentimes be granted the time needed to find a suitable residence for themselves and their beloved companion, but what about those that cannot? What are they to do?

Unfortunately, if there is a loss of a home and there are no pets allowed in the rental property, most of these pets end up in animal shelters. The sad reality is that many shelters are full to capacity. Then there are the ads placed on the internet, local social media or in print (grocery store bulletin boards or newspapers) that can attract all sorts of “unsavory” characters that do not have your pet’s best interest at heart.  Believe it or not, pets picked up through these types of ads could be relocated to experimental labs, or used as bait dogs—certainly not a situation any animal deserves.  In addition, older pets, those with health issues, personality “quirks” or even those that may not fall into the “acceptable” color-range or breeds (all black felines and dogs) may find themselves labeled as “unadoptable” putting their life at risk from the start.

So what can a responsible pet parent do when they are about to lose their home and they run into landlords with a no pets allowed policy?

Let’s face it, most of us don’t want to leave our pets behind; but life happens. KirinGie.Me is here to help pet owners change how pet owners rehome their beloved fur-baby if the need ever comes up, by making the rehoming process accessible, the community outreach effective, all driven by a neighboring pet caring community.

Here, pet owners will be able to create a social pet profile starring their pet (its life, quirks, preferences, habits etc).  If there ever comes a time when the pet parent must rehome their companion because of the loss of their home, all they have to do is activate the emergency alert to seek help for adoption or temporary foster if possible.  This instantly gives the family pet the visibility they need within their community to maximize the reach of their pet’s profile—giving those who are interested, or at least curious about the pet, a complete overview of the animal so they can determine if the pet is the right fit for their family or at the very least spread the word. The interested person would then reach out to the pet owner to begin the conversation. This not only gives you (the pet parent) a chance to meet the potential new owners, but also lets your pet become acquainted before the transition occurs.

Is KirinGie.Me in your community yet?

If not, pre-register today to let us know you want our program in your neighborhood. Be the voice pets need. Together we can protect them. There is no cost or obligation to join.

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