National Mutt Day

I was just one more mutt in the crowd; yep, I was. No human could see the real me. Eyes just glanced right past me no matter what I did. Until she saw me. Our eyes locked, I smiled from ear to to ear and wagged furiously. She saw me. Our lives have never been the same…

July 31st is National Mutt Day! Our animal shelters are flooded with all types of wonderful pets that are waiting for their special human to take them in. Someone who will see straight  into their core. You know, that special something that you see in a pet when you just know – yeah, that’s the one.

This past week we had a chance to feature a couple of great gals, Abby and her two adorable mutts, Jada and Bailey, and Kimberly and her wonderful Rolo — awesome pets that have been rescued and have become an integral part of the family.

We also ran a contest where we invited our readers to share with us a story of their special mutt. We found our winner!

Teddy & Momma“I adopted my momma’s dog, Teddy, so she can continue to see him. My mom is now living in a nursing home and has Alzheimer’s Disease.

The nursing home where she lives allows pet visits for therapy, so we go see her as often as possible. We went yesterday to see her for Parents Day…she was so happy to see us and Teddy Bear was happy to see her too.”   #ENDALZ

Important note to the winner, we are very touched by this story and grateful that you shared it with us and our audience. We’ve been trying to reach you. Please contact us.

At KirinGie.Me, our goal is for every pet to have a forever home, which is why we provide the education and resources to ensure pet parents can make the best, most informed decisions for their pets — whether mutts, felines, or a feathered friend.

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