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Let’s Celebrate the Ferret ~ It’s National Ferret Day!

“If I could look into your eyes and tell you one thing, I’d have to let you know that even though we are different, we ferrets need love, guidance and dedication just like any other animal.  We also crave your time and want to be a part of your family.  When we’re left alone, we tend to get bored and very frustrated.  Please treat us kindly…” — a ferret friend

This National Ferret Day (May 5th) we are exploring our “weaselly” friends.  They are so adorable with their slender bodies, exuberant zest for life and clownish behavior that many people are drawn to them.  However, just like all animals, ferrets have their own set of guidelines that need to be followed in order to be a responsible pet parent for the duration of your furry pal’s life.  Check out our 5 questions to ask yourself before you get a ferret, plus our tips on keeping your ferret happy and healthy.

Before Adopting your Ferret

Like other pets, a ferret needs to have the proper household for it to flourish in, so take a moment right now to ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have enough time to dedicate to my ferret?
Ferrets are highly inquisitive and intelligent animals that will need daily exercise and interaction to keep their minds and bodies healthy.  If you plan on having your ferret loose in your home or designated area, you may want to consider training it to use a litter box to avoid smelly “surprises.”  Check out Foster and Smith’s expert veterinary tips for potty training your ferret.

Can I afford the upkeep of a ferret?

If you purchase a ferret it can run you anywhere from $65 to $250 or beyond. In addition, you will need to purchase a cage, toys, food, bedding and accessories.  Your ferret will also need to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered just like a dog or cat.  Plus, you may also have to pay for it to be descented.  Before you bring a ferret into your life, be sure you know what it will cost to keep this charming little fellow happy.

Is a ferret a wise choice of pet for my household?

Although ferrets are fun and entertaining pets, they are not recommended for homes with small children (under the age of 10) or for homes with other rodents or birds as pets.  Because ferrets are natural predators, they have a tendency to “hunt” which may put your other pets at risk.  Ferrets also need to be trained not to bite, so small children are not recommended for ferrets still learning their social manners.

Am I ready to ferret-proof my home?

We fall in love with their zippy personalities, but when zippy turns to disaster you may have a problem.  Before you bring a ferret home, be sure to give every room your little critter can get into a once over.  In fact, dedicating just one room for ferret play is highly recommended.  Make sure this area contains no holes or vents that your ferret can squeeze and escape through.  Be sure to pick up all potted plants (yes, they love to dig) and have the room clear of any dangerous substances with all cupboards locked or firmly in place.  Plus, remember these animals love to be in or under things, so sofas, cushions and recliner chairs can all be potentially dangerous to an unsuspecting ferret.

Do I have the time and patience needed to train my ferret?

When ferrets play with each other in the wild they do so with tumbling, fake attacks and nipping.  However, a ferret’s skin is much tougher than human skin so when you get nipped by these sharp little teeth, it will sting.  For this reason, ferret “parents” train their weaselly pals not to bite.  This can be time consuming, but the most important thing to remember is to not yell or hit your pet.  After all, this is how these animals interact with each other.  To them, you are just a big ferret.  Doctors Foster and Smith have some excellent tips on socializing your ferret.  Check it out.

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be ferret-ready.  Here at KirinGie.Me, we are dedicated to bringing you the latest resources, tips and helpful advice when it comes to the care of all pets big or small.  If you have a ferret and want to help us celebrate this National Ferret Day, drop us a line, tell us a cute antic your ferret did or just say “hi.”  We value your feedback.

Together as a dedicated community of caring and loving people we can make a real difference in the lives of the hurting and the desperate.  We can join as one voice to finally bring an end to the plight of the abandonment of animals everywhere.

Are you a ferret owner? Comment below to tell us your favorite thing about your long, furry friend.


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