National Dog Party Day!

“Something exciting is going on. My humans are going around cleaning up the house and putting all my and the little human’s toys away. They got out that big noisy thing (I think it’s called a vacuum) and are running it around the house. I can even smell really good stuff all through the house. I want to eat it but I can’t find it anywhere. They all look happy though so hopefully whatever is happening is going to be fun. They keep saying this word “party”. I wonder what that means?” — party dog

Pet Parties…

This year, National Dog Party Day is more exciting than ever as it falls on Father’s Day and the start of summer. Three great things to celebrate in one fabulous day.

We thought it might be more fun to show you rather than tell you what a dog party looks like so we’ve gathered these great clips from around the web. So, take a look, have a listen and gather some ideas for your own dog party.

Here at, we are advocates for those without a voice. And sometimes, the voiceless just want to have fun. Be sure to send us any photos or videos of your dog party. We’d love to see them.

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