Mutts are Special

“So I’m a mutt. I’m a happy mutt. And you know what?! I can be trained, play well, get along with others and above all, I am full of love. Mutts as we are called, are a special breed.” — the mutt

July 31st is National Mutt Day.  A day when we can celebrate those mixed canines that don’t need a pedigree to be loveable and amazing!  Mutts that have found their way from being homeless into the hearts of dedicated pet-parents despite the fact that they are…well…mutts!

At KirinGie.Me we are featuring awesome people who adore their pedigree-challenged canines and are proud of it. Today we are pleased to introduce Kimberly, let’s hear what she has to say about her amazing mixed breed, Rolo.

Kim & RoloOn June 23, 2011, his life changed forever! He went from a stray, to adopted, to brought back to the shelter to finally finding his forever home.

We adopted Rolo, a German Shepherd/Husky from our local animal shelter (Fort McMurray SPCA). I believe a mutt is a dog who is extra special; they have the characteristics and/or traits from two or more breeds rather than just one. I cannot explain in words how much joy Rolo has brought to my life since his adoption but for those who know us, they know how strong our bond is and you can see that through all our social media posts.

I have enjoyed watching and helping him morph and grow into the dog he is today. Still to this day we don’t officially know how old Rolo is; we have been told he is currently between 8-10 years old. This means he was not a puppy when we adopted him. This boy has gone from knowing how to only sit and shake a paw to many other tricks. He is smart as a whistle.

Rolo's birthdayI disagree with the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” because he breaks that quote to pieces! Rolo also has had many achievements throughout his life with us like becoming a certified pet therapy dog (now retired), he has been featured in magazines, a book, a calendar, featured on shaw cable and many websites & blogs. I also was inspired by him and his life to create our own pet blog, Confessions of a Rescue Mom.

National Mutt Day is July 31st AND because mutts are so amazing, ALSO December 2nd, help celebrate mutts by spreading awareness!”     Kimberly

Kimberly pointed out that they didn’t know the whole story on Rolo or know how old he is. The reality is that at many shelters the information known for most animals is limited. These pets have NO STORY. Don’t you think that is sad? Every pet has a story and their story should be told.

This is why KirinGie.Me, with the help of responsible pet owners and the participation of the community of people who care about pets, we’re going to make a difference. Pets will have a story. Make sure to subscribe so we can keep you posted on our progress.

Now if you haven’t heard, we gave away a $25 pet store gift card for the best mutt story that was shared with us. The winner was announced on July 31st, National Mutt Day!

The reason we are doing this is because we want to help animal shelters find homes for the many animals in their care. While they do have purebreds, they have many mutts too. Since July 31st is National Mutt Day, we are taking this opportunity to do what we can to help. So please, if you have a story to share that help us in our efforts or you simple want to help spread the word, we definitely appreciate it.

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