The KirinGie.Me Team

These are the folks I am proud to introduce as members of the KirinGie.Me team. To them, I am extremely grateful to and appreciate of for dedicating some of their time for helping me make KirinGie.Me a reality. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


When Jennifer is not up to her ears in content for KirinGie.Me, she can be found curled up with her 13-year old cat, Romy, reading a book. But while there is only room enough in the home for one animal right now, Jennifer has a long history of giving and finding animals of all species a forever home to be loved and cherished in.

“When my family rescued our dog, Tuffit, we were blessed with a wonderful 18 years of her selfless love and antics. I believe every pet deserves a long, healthy life with their humans, and it’s my mission to make sure no animal ever goes unloved or uncared for.” Jennifer


Sandie once was a pet-parent to 9 cats, a rat, and a ferret. Each one had their own special personality and enjoyed every minute of their long, happy lives in her care.

Today, she lives with two sweet rescue cats and two goldfish and are currently looking to welcome one small dog to make their family complete. Way to go Sandie!

Animals have always been a huge part of my life and I made a promise to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Sandie



Rebecca, got an extra something on her engagement day. Her husband Ted proposed with a diamond ring and a puppy named Thumper. A spark of love and commitment towards each other and for the fight to protect and advocate for animals was ignited.

Pets have always been a wonderful addition to my life. When our beloved Thumper died, we fostered (then kept) a beautiful mutt from the local shelter, Lucy.” Rebecca


My wonderful daughter, full-time student, my personal soundboard, my #1 cheerleader and caring pet owner.

My daughter has helped raise and care for what some have called at times a zoo. Since her early days she’s enjoyed the company and shared in the responsibility of caring for our family cats, dogs, fish, rodents and a handful of reptiles.

My reason for joining Cynthia, my darling mother, in making a reality, was not a decision of circumstance, but rather a shared compassion for animals.” Brittney

Celeste & MaxCELESTE

Celeste has contributed as a supporting researcher, writer and has kept the team in check pushing us all forward. And, she can be considered a pet aunt to many family pets. When she pet sits, she is truly caring and spoils them like a good aunt does. If it weren’t for Celeste my days away from my pets would be nerve wracking.

I have come to find the importance of pets finding a forever home to responsible owners. One day, I hope to include a few pets into my family as well.” Celeste