The Origin of Kirin Gie Me

The meaning of KirinGie.Me is a personal one. When searching for a name for my venture, I wanted to find something that kept my grandmother’s memory alive in my every day. After weeks of struggling to find a name, it finally hit me in the middle of the night. It was a long shot but to my delight – it worked…

Down Memory Lane

For as long as I can remember, my grandmother would always gently chant this unusual word over and over when playing with us kids when we were little and when our family pets were small.

“Kiringie ringie riringie, riringie ringie ringie.”  She would lift us up and down in a rhythmic motion in time to her soothing words.  I know it may sound silly, but it was endearing. These memories take me way back bringing a smile to my face.

In Search Of Meaning

I couldn’t find a definitive meaning behind her chants. Truth be told, I had no idea how to even spell it. I tried a few combinations and after a few spelling changes – there it was! The combination of words fit right in with my vision and the idea to give our pets a voice.

Kirin – a mythological Chinese creature (similar to a unicorn), a being of stories.

Gie – is a Scottish word meaning “to give”.

Me – our pets.

Kirin Gie Me – a place where pet owners give their pets a voice by journaling their life story.

Grandma’s Memory Lives On

Imagine my delight upon this discovery. I was ecstatic. I knew the pronunciation would be challenging and explanations would be needed. It didn’t matter. This mission is personal. To have my grandmothers memory at the tip of my tongue every day as I work on building a community to help keep pets safe in homes is well worth it to me.

Join me on this venture, pre-register if you haven’t yet and help spread the word. Together we can keep pets safe in good homes.

Founder, KirinGie.Me