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Raising Stellar Pets for Life

Till death do us part shouldn’t just be a vow we make on wedding days, it should be a commitment EVERYBODY considering taking in a pet is prepared to make. Earning the trust and love of a pet is a privilege, a connection like no other.  Once you make that connection, for them it’s so much more. They depend on you for everything, that includes training, food, exercise and taking care of their health.  Read on to discover our tips on how to raise a pet that will be a delight to have till death do you part!

Choosing the Right Dog

It’s easy to fall in love with a cute, cuddly puppy, regardless of its breed; however, this little bundle of love will soon grow up, so you want to make sure the breed is the right fit for the long haul. Start with assessing your lifestyle then do your research to determine which breed is right for you. Here is a source to help you figure out what dog breed is perfect for you. Talk to people who have owned the breed to get further insights. There are alternate options you can consider while searching for your perfect pet. Many animal shelters have dog walking and foster programs. Contact your local animal shelter, find out about their programs and walk or foster a pup that is the perfect fit for your new family household addition.

Family Interaction

A puppy isn’t just a one-person pet, it will involve the entire family.  Be sure everyone in the household is ready for the privilege and responsibilities a puppy brings with it, this also includes other pets.

Bringing a new puppy into a house that already has existing animals can be tricky, but definitely not impossible.  Remember, it’s an adjustment time, so allow your other pets to slowly get used to the new member, without stress or harsh words. In the first few days, spend as much time as you can quietly observing interactions and positively guiding the outcome you want.

If you have children, get them involved with all the processes a puppy entails.  This includes, walking, feeding, playing and yes, even cleaning up after it.

Potty Training

This is one area that strikes stress in the hearts of most puppy-parents, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Training a puppy is a matter of the three “P’s” – Patience, Praise and Predictability.  

It may take anywhere from as little as a few weeks to 6 months to housebreak your puppy, so patience is key.  Don’t get frustrated with setbacks and keep up the praise each time your puppy eliminates outside;  simple treats or a soft word is all that is needed.

Puppies are also conditioned from birth not to eliminate where they eat and sleep – mom will clean up after them – so putting your puppy to bed at night inside a crate or even a box during early stages, is not only comforting for them, but will reduce the chances of them eliminating.

Predictability also plays a role for both you and your new puppy.  Take your puppy to the same spot for each potty-time.  The familiar scent will encourage your dog to relieve himself.  Puppies are also predictable to when they have to go.  A good “rule-of-paw” is right after they wake up and right after they eat.  By catching these times, you will create a pattern that your puppy will soon pick up on.  And remember, NEVER rub a dog’s nose in its mistake.  This only creates fear and confusion for your dog.

Here’s a trick I learned from my grandma, I’ve used this with every puppy, it works. Follow this routine. Shortly after puppies are done eating, say about 5 minutes, take your pup outside and hangout in the desired spot for a few minutes letting your dog sniff around. Tear a paper match from a match book and insert about half of the torn paper side into the pup’s rectum. I kid you not, within seconds the pup will be doing it’s duty. When it does, make a big deal out of it so they know they’ve done great and you can get the same positive results the next time.

Follow the same routine after each meal, watch, within a couple of days, your pup will be relieving itself without any intervention.


Like children, puppies do best when they have a consistent daily and nightly routine.  This not only helps to train them, but it creates a feeling of safety for your new pet.  By keeping its feeding, walking and sleeping routines the same each day your pup will know what to expect and when to expect it.

Correcting Accidents

It’s normal for puppies to have accidents.  The best way to handle this is with gentle correcting.  Hitting or shouting at your new puppy will only cause confusion. There is a better way than causing fear, unnecessary stress or even mistrust. Don’t do it.  Rewarding good behavior with praise and food rewards will have your dog wanting to do right every time.

Training & Socialization

Dogs are by nature very social and crave the companionship of their fellow canine-pals.  This makes it quite easy to socialize them, but as with anything else, it’s best done when they are puppies.  Bring your puppy to a dog park, or social gatherings where they are allowed to play with another dog.  Find a local doggy day care and drop off your pup for short periods of time.  Socialization is vital in having a well-rounded dog, that will enjoy its life, not live in fear and stress.

Training is also key to having a great dog.  Start your puppy out with simple commands and reward it every time to gets it right.  There are many good websites, books and even training classes with professionals that can help guide you through this process. This little extra effort is well worth it for a happy long-term commitment. Hiring the right trainer with the right training philosophy can be worth its weight in gold. After all, when you are committing for life, it’s best to start the relationship on the right track.


Praising and giving your puppy a “reward” for a job well done is the most effective way to train or teach a new behavior.  Small bits of food, a fun toy or even an extra hug will all show your dog that they are pleasing you.  Dogs are natural people-pleasers, so never underestimate how far this technique will go in having a delightful dog.

Dogs need a leader to guide them through the social “rules” of our world.  Don’t let misinformation, stress, frustration or lack of knowledge keep you from enjoying all the rewarding benefits that come with welcoming a pet into the family.  You’ll find their unconditional love lifting your spirits and making you smile even on the bluest of days for as long as you let them. So, let’s make till death do us part a motto for every pet-parent.

Navigating The Tides

The worst feeling for a responsible pet owner is when life gets in the way of carrying out a lifetime commitment. You might have the best of intentions and the pain of parting from your loyal pet might tear you up inside. We all know that sometimes life has other plans in store for us that are completely out of our control.

As committed responsible pet owners we must try our best to live up to our commitment. When that is not possible, then we must do the next best thing which is to ensure our pet is placed in a good, loving environment where it can live out the rest of its days.

Unfortunately, I know first hand that there aren’t many good rehoming options out there for pet owners to turn to. It was due to my harsh experience that I am committed to building KirinGie.Me, a pet owner community that helps responsible pet owners build a caring and understanding support network that comes together to ensure the safety of our pets. Of course there’s a lot more benefits to it. More on this soon. Make sure to pre-register so I can keep you posted.

If you haven’t pre-registered yet, I invite you to do so now so I can update and send you an invite to join the community once we’re up and running.

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