Love Your Pet Day

“I love my busy human. He’s constantly going in and out the door. I wonder what kind of crazy adventures he’s going on today?… Maybe he’s out there on the hunt for the perfect spot to bury a bone. Or maybe he’s chasing after squirrels without me. Woof, I can’t wait for my human to come home. Until then, I’ll just sit here and wait until he comes through the door. I hope he knows how much I love him.” — sidekick pet

February is the month of love. You may be quick to think only of Valentine’s Day but did you know that February 20th is Love Your Pet Day? Obviously, it’s important for us to be showing our love everyday because that’s part of being a responsible pet owner. But Love Your Pet Day is an exceptional day – a day to show how much you care.

This is an opportunity to be there for our pets a little more than usual. I mean, think about it. They’re always there for us in their own way. Maybe they’re wagging their tail as we come home. Maybe they’re purring on our stomach as we lie in bed and read a book. Whatever your special friend does, you know that your pet is there for you.

So, on Love Your Pet Day, let’s reciprocate! There’s no “one way” to celebrate Love Your Pet Day. Do what you know your pets love. Make the day unique for your own pal. Here are a few suggestions that will get your special friend excited:

  • Make homemade treats for your pet.  Imagine them lingering around the kitchen as you gather the ingredients onto your counter. They’ll know you took the time to make something yummy for them.
  • Find a pet-friendly place to dine. (BringFido app) It’s kind of like going out with your furry friend. Enjoy a beer or a meal and spend some quality time with your date. Don’t forget the leash!
  • Explore an off-leash park. (Find A Dog Park) Instead of the usual stroll through the neighborhood, why don’t you go to a park where your pet can run around? Plus, your pet may be able to make a few animal friends.
  • Give a nice bath and a belly rub. If your friend likes splashing around in the tub, a long, warm bath may be just what’s needed. Don’t forget to shampoo and give a good brushing! After your pet is dry, a belly rub may be in order.
  • Take a nap together. Cuddle on the floor or on your bed with your pal and get a quick snooze in. You’ll both be rejuvenated and your pet will love the snuggles.
  • Go for a drive with your dog.  Does your friend enjoy car rides? Take your pet out and go on an exploration together. Don’t forget about car safety though!
  • Extend your walk time with your pet. Something as simple as staying out an extra 15 minutes with your pet will mean the world. Do an extra lap around the block or try a different, longer trail.
  • Affirm your love vocally. Nothing says “I love you” more than telling your pet just that!

We all know that it’s important for us to assure the people in our lives that we love them. Pets are members of the family and need that reassurance too. You may be exhausted. You may have a lot of work to do. But take this one day to remind our pets that we are here for them. Show them the love that they show you. Believe me, they’ll appreciate the attention.

How will you celebrate Love Your Pet Day? 

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