Valentine Love Letters From Our Pets

“If I could count, I would count all the ways you are special to me. If I could love you any more than I do, I would burst.” — Valentino the blessed dog

From Jay With Love

JayIf not for you, I couldn’t lay here on my back, sun streaming down on my belly through the window. Dreams of bunnies and squirrels and birds and lizards keeping my legs in perpetual motion while I snore the afternoon away.

We go outside for a run every day, even in the rain, and you always let me stop to smell some wonderful things I’ve never encountered before. You always make my meals extra tasty for me.

You take me with you for a car ride whenever you can, and even when you don’t, you always bring home a special treat, just for me. I miss you when you’re gone but instantly, forgive you when you return.

If not for you I’d have lived a wretched life. Forced to fight other dogs to the death on the streets of Trenton. I’d never have had the joy of romping in the surf of that bathtub you call the ocean. I’d never have had the thrill of chasing deer through the woods on brisk winter mornings.  There’d be no birthday parties with my girlfriend Kayla, no picnics with my dog-buddies spending hours chasing each other till we’re too tired to keep our eyes open.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for being my Mommie.


MaxYou Are My Everything – From Max With Love

You are my lifeline. My connection to the world. My life. People fear me but you know me well. I’m just a big ole softie who wants nothing more than to be by your side. And, when I can get away with it, pretend I’m an overgrown lapdog forever yours and full of love.

For every battle you’ve fought to keep me safely sheltered with you, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for never giving up on me.

Be my Valentine…I will always be yours.





From Lucy With LoveLucy

Mommy, I love you so much! Thank you for taking me home from that other place and nursing me and my torn up paw back to health. You were so patient in changing my bandages and wrapping my foot in all those crazy booties. I try to pay you back with all my hugs and kisses. Do you notice? I’m so happy I get to stay here with you now. I love when we get to snuggle up for naps and go for rides. But you know what I love most? When I sit next to you at dinner and you always save the last bite for me. You’re the best mom ever!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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