It’s Hug Your Cat Day!

“Ahhh, my little humans are so sweet. They pull a string along the floor for me so I can practice my pouncing skills. They give me yummy treats and best of all, they like to give me big hugs. They’re my purrrfect friends.” — happy cat

Petting to health…

Did you know petting your cat can lower your blood pressure and stress levels? In fact, according to Web MD interacting with a furry companion may even help those with mild depression by boosting levels of the “feel good” chemicals in the brain. If this isn’t reason enough to love on your cat, today is Give Your Cat a Hug Day. Don’t have a kitty to call your own? Then why not take this opportunity to visit your local animal shelter or cat rescue? If you are still uncertain about adding a kitty-friend to your family, check out the top five reasons why cats make great pets.

5)  Cats are easy to housetrain.

4)  Cats are extremely clean.

3)  Cats are entertaining.

2)  Cats have a pleasing purr.

1)  Cats are REALLY cute!

On this Hug Your Cat Day be sure to give your feline friend some extra care. This can include grooming, a roll in the catnip or even just some special one-on-one time. You will not only lower your own stress levels, but your cat is sure to be delighted as well.

Here at KirinGie.Me we believe in responsible pet parenthood and that every animal deserves a chance at true happiness.

We are getting ready to launch our Forget Me Not campaign that will feature 14 cats and dogs that have been overlooked in the shelter system for too long. We will showcase each pet with a video, pictures and their story so you can get to know each one on a personal level. This is going to be HUGE!

Is KirinGie.Me in your community yet?

If not, pre-register today to let us know you want our program in your neighborhood. Be the voice pets need. Together we can protect them. There is no cost or obligation to join.

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