Why it matters…

Each year millions of pets are separated from their humans for many reasons often out of our control (lost pet, pets not getting along, or family loss of home, illness, no pets allowed, death… etc).

Last recorded, 7.6 million pets entered the shelter system and 2.7 million were euthanized that year. That’s over 7,000 scared, nameless pets (cat / dog: #A1234X) put down daily at no fault of their own.

KirinGie.Me is a solution that empowers pet owners to give their pets a voice and a support system of pet owners who care to give them a fighting chance to Keep Pets In Homes. Protecting your pet – starts with you.

Life happens…ensuring the best outcome for your pet – is up to you.

Benefit from joining a network who all share a common goal, keeping pets safe.