Celebrating Man’s Best Friend: National Dog Day

Hey family, do you remember what today is!? I’ve been waiting for this day ALL year long! You don’t remember? Well, let me remind you… Today is MY special day. The day you adopted me, the day we take an extra-long walk to my favorite spot, the day YOU are supposed to remind me of my special position as Man’s Best Friend. IT’S NATIONAL DOG DAY! — your most loyal fan, dog

Buddy, of course we didn’t forget! National Dog Day is the whole reason we went to the animal shelter the day we adopted you. We were celebrating by adding a new member to our family, and we got lucky to have found such a special canine that day.

It has been our family tradition to go and walk the dogs at the shelter on National Dog Day. We do that to show support and gratitude for all that our canine companions do for us. It seems that people tend to overlook how much comfort and love they get from their pets, or the risks that working dogs take when on a rescue mission, or on patrol with law enforcement. Some dogs are even trained since birth to be a vital companion to a human with special needs.

Dog’s play an integral part in many people’s lives and, as a family, we do our best to recognize this by doing something special on National Dog Day. Many of our friends and relatives try to make today extra special for their own pet, by buying them new toys or going to their favorite play place for the day – just like we do for you. We think it is just as important to do something nice for the dogs that don’t yet have a home, which is why we still walk the dogs at the shelter and encourage everyone we know to look into adopting on National Dog Day.

Don’t worry Buddy; we look forward to celebrating every year. We would never forget your special day!

An animal shelter is not a forever home – at least it shouldn’t be. Many great animals end up in the shelter for reasons out of their owner’s control, such as moving into a house that doesn’t allow pets. Many wonderful family dogs end up in shelters and could use some extra attention and affection. Make sure to utilize the humane society and animal shelters when looking to add an animal to the family. It is common for people to have a few misunderstandings about shelter animals; check out Shelter Myths for accurate information.

Kiringie.me is a community for responsible pet owners dedicated to improving the lives of animals, and providing a one of a kind support network for pets and the humans who care for them. National Dog Day is the perfect day to take a few seconds to sign up for our program to help bring it to your city.

Kirinige.me provides access to the support needed if an animal owner ever gets into a bind and can no longer care for their pet. The unique journaling system, complemented by an emergency alert for rehoming, fostering and lost animal help is the future of animal aid. It provides a medium for animal advocates to both give and get help as soon as it is needed.

Is KirinGie.Me in your community yet?

If not, pre-register today to let us know you want our program in your neighborhood. Be the voice pets need. Together we can protect them. There is no cost or obligation to join.

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