Adopt Me!
Age: 2 years    Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Health status: Healthy
Personality: Friendly
Energy Level:  energy-3.1
Animal Shelter: Pet Haven
Contact:  (208) 466-1298

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Hi I’m Luna!

“I came to Pet Haven with my brother (Sterling) when I was just a kitten – that was a little over two years ago.  At first, I was really scared and would hiss at the humans coming near me, but after a while I learned they weren’t trying to hurt me.

There are so many of us here. Many come and go and others stay longer but none as long as I have. Some are friendly like me but others you can tell they are scared and confused, they just want to go back to the comfort and security of where they came from.  My brother was my security but now he too is gone. I don’t see him anymore. I don’t know where he went. I’m still waiting…

Luna’s Tale

Luna has spent the majority of her life at Pet Haven Shelter  located in Canyon County Idaho. According to director and pet advocate, Jeannette, Luna’s favorite time is when she gets to come out of her cage to stretch her legs. She immediately runs to the window to sniff the breeze coming in or perhaps catch a glimpse of a bird or bug flying by.

Luna and her brother came from rough beginnings and were brought in as half-feral. Normally these types of cats would be euthanized, but this rag-tag couple were different. Staff worked with them and they responded well within a short period of time. Her brother found a home, but Luna is still waiting. When asked why Luna still remains without a forever home, Jeannette tells us, “I think maybe people think something is wrong with her because she’s been here for so long.”

Would you like to give Luna a chance at the life she deserves?

About the Shelter

Pet Haven shelter is located in Canyon County Idaho. It was founded in the 1970s by Helen Wilson (NNU professor) who saw the need for a caring place dedicated to abandoned cats and kittens in her community.

Pet Haven can house anywhere from 40 to 120 felines at one time and is completely funded by community donations and the generosity of Pet Haven Thrift store, a local shop that loves to give to this worthy program. The shelter is often times full of abandoned cats and kittens, especially in the spring and summer months when unaltered cats begin to breed. Although, Pet Haven is doing their best to house and care for these abandoned animals, it can be overwhelming.