Inviting Animal Shelters

KirinGie.Me aims to feature 14 pets from shelters nationwide that are in need of a permanent home.
We are inviting your shelter to participatewe want to help you help the pets in need.

The purpose of KirinGie.Me’s Forget Me Not campaign is to bring forgotten pets into the spotlight as we promote responsible pet ownership. We are partnering with shelters to find responsible people interested in giving each of these pets a new home, a new story, a new life.

KirinGie.Me is changing the way how people rehome their pets so that their pets’ story will continue with care, wherever they go. No pet should ever end up homeless or in a shelter without an identity. Our unique KirinGie.Me platform will empower pet owners to journal their pet’s life and send emergency alerts to maximize rehoming options, so that shelters can become the last resort. KirinGie.Me enables pets to be seen, supported, and saved. Should the loss of a job, divorce, illness or other tragedy strike, the KirinGie.Me community can refer to the pet’s journal and help rehome the pet.


1) Submit the details for your qualifying shelter resident.
We are considering animals that have been in the shelter for at least 8 months. Please complete the online form.

2) If selected, we will promote the pet on KirinGie.Me at no cost.
KirinGie.Me will be extensively promoting the pet and the shelter. Increasing traffic to your site will benefit the pet community and all the animals at your shelter! It will give your shelter exposure while promoting responsible pet ownership. For the most successful possible outcome, we ask shelters to fully cooperate with KirinGie.Me by being available for interviews, answering questions pertaining to the pet, and sharing photos/videos.

3) Give us the exclusive opportunity to find the pet a home.
In exchange for our free services, please allow us 90 days to find an owner to adopt the pet. After 90 days, if the pet is still without a home, we’d be happy to extend our services or you are welcome to resume your own search.

4) Each featured pet will have an adoption form to screen pet owners.
We will submit these completed forms to your shelter with our recommendations. Ultimately, your shelter will select the best owner for the pet.

5) We will notify the new pet ownerthey are now KirinGie.Me Pet Ambassadors!
Once we make the official announcement, we will connect the new pet owner to your shelter so that you can then manage the logistics, adoption fees, and paperwork. As Pet Ambassadors, they will advocate for KirinGie.Me and reach more pet owners to support our cause.

Our goal is to reduce the number of pets at shelters, so that more pets can live with responsible pet parents in caring and loving homes. Together, we can make a difference.

Every pet should have a story. A story that gives them a second chance.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.