What Happens to Pets in a Divorce?

“What’s going on?…I’ve never seen my humans this angry. There’s so much shouting. I’m confused. My male human is packing…I try to nuzzle his hand, but he just pats me on my head and whispers; “so long pal. You’re a good dog.” Will I ever see him again?…” — family pets

Divorce and Family Pets

We all know the separation of a couple can be traumatizing for the children involved, but it is also very difficult on the family pets. Dogs and cats can become very attached to other pets in the home and if separated from one another (each spouse takes the animal they feel they have a closer bond to) the pet can go through depression, lack of appetite and their general well being may drop. This can lead to illness or even death. The pet also doesn’t understand where the other pet parent has gone and has no voice to choose who they would rather live with. In severe cases where one spouse is vindictive and wants to retaliate against the other, an animal may even end up in a shelter or abandoned for spite or “pay back” to the ex. For these “tossed aside” victim’s, finding a new home may be difficult. Age, breed, health and even color can all play against these family pets.

No one goes into marriage planning on a divorce, but unfortunately it does happen. It happens too often. If so, what options do pet parents have in place for such a situation? Most people feel they could work it out with their ex, but in the heat of the moment tempers flair and being a responsible pet parent oftentimes goes to the wayside.

KirinGie.Me is here to help change the plight of abandoned and unwanted pets by making the process of rehoming safe and effective. No longer will people have to rely on the kindness of friends and family to take in their pet or take a chance on free advertisements that can attract unsavory characters that may sell your beloved companion to experimental labs or as a bait dog.

At KirinGie.Me, pet owners will be able to create a social pet profile for free starring their pet (its life, quirks, preferences, habits etc). This is a fun way to show off your awesome fur, feathered or scaly buddy, but with one very important advantage. If there ever comes a time when you must rehome your companion, all you have to do is click to trigger the emergency alerts to the community. This instantly gives the visibility within your community network which then maximizes the reach of your pet’s profile—giving those who are interested, or at least curious about your animal, a complete overview so they can determine if the pet is the right fit for their family. The interested person would then reach out to you to begin the conversation. This not only gives you (the pet parent) a chance to meet the potential new owners, but also lets your pal become acquainted before the transition occurs. 

KirinGie.Me an online community powered by the community to protect pets. Join us!

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