Blessed With Pets

National Pet Month

I’m all about celebrating the pets in our lives. They bring so much joy. Unconditional love is truly granted. Forgiveness is a non-issue. Loyalty is a given. A pet companion, for many of us young and mature, provide a sense of worth and happiness like no other.

Humanity has a way of diminishing the value of things we know little about. Fortunately, it doesn’t take scientists or brain surgeons to see, and feel the benefits animals bring into our lives.

For those of us blessed with that wisdom and pleasure of enjoying the company of pets, have extra fun bonding with your favorite critter big or small, furry or scaly this May.

Add An Extra Scoop

As if a National Pet Month wasn’t enough, in May we stack a double decker adding an entire week dedicated to pets with National Pet Week. What?!

If you’re the type of pet parent who goes all out for the occasion celebrating and spoiling your pet, I have a feeling your pet will catch on anticipating May every year for the extra perks. WARNING, some pets might just demand this practice be extended ALL-YEAR-LONG!

Pets, Pets, Pets

Cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, birds, turtles … are among traditional family pets.

What kind of pet has wiggled into your home and heart?

SHARE YOUR PET in the comments below or post it on our Facebook wall to share with our followers during the month of May. Take your best shot and share your pride and joy.

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