Big Wet Kisses for You – It’s National Volunteer Week!

“Some of us have had some ruff experiences. Others once had it good but they too somehow ended here without a home. Seems like those who had it best quickly lose hope. It’s like life will never be the same. And then there you are…You see past our pain and loneliness. You bring out the best in us with a kind word, a warm snuggle or a tasty treat. You are our keepers, the humans we have come to trust and look forward to seeing each and every day even for a little bit. That little bit, is the highlight of our day. Thank you for giving us what we crave. Thank you for giving of yourself…” — the ones left behind

It’s National Volunteer Week!

According to the American Humane Association there are roughly 3,500 animal shelters in the United States alone. Most shelters run on a tight budget and depend on volunteers to help assist in the daily grind of kennel-life. This includes feeding, cleaning up after, walking and socializing with each animal that enters through their doors. In addition, many shelters have a list of people that are willing to foster ill, pregnant or highly stressed animals.

The task of working in a shelter or foster program can be as sad as it is rewarding. These devoted people give, not only their time, but also their hearts to make an animal’s stay as pleasant and stress-free as possible. To you dedicated workers, we say THANK YOU!

Join us this week (April 12th-18th) to acknowledge and shine a light on volunteers. This National Volunteer Week we will share heartwarming stories of amazing people whose compassion will melt the hardest of heart, like Melissa who took a social media threat to a dog and turned it into a happy ending. Kylee whose dedication to pet therapy has her and Addie turning frowns into smiles. Plus, we take a peek into a pig rescue, a story that is sure to touch your heart.

Are you a volunteer with a great story? Contact us at, we’d like to hear it. Maybe your story can help inspire others to make a difference in a pets life.

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