Is the ACHOO Too Much For You? Pets and Allergies

I’m not sure what happened. I once slept on my human’s soft comfy bed, but now I’m stuck outside, all the time. I heard that weird word, allergies, spoken over and over again before I was left outside…I guess it means, no one loves me anymore.

One of the leading causes of rehoming or abandonment of an animal is due to someone in the household having or developing allergies to the family pet.  This can be a sad reality when one must choose between the itchy, sneezing, eye-watering symptoms of pet allergens or finding a new home for the fur or feathered “culprit.”

According to Web MD, contrary to what most people think, it’s not the dog or cat’s fur that will start the histamines reacting in a person’s body, but rather the animal’s dander (dead skin cells), the saliva and even the pet’s urine.  The good news is there are things we can do to combat the allergens without leaving our beloved pets outside or rehoming them.

Alternatives to Rehoming the Pet

Antihistamines:  For those suffering with mild to moderate allergies, there are over-the-counter and prescription-strength antihistamines that will control the symptoms of allergies.  These come in pill form, nasal sprays or even by injection (given by your doctor) for those whose allergies are more severe.

Be a Cleaning Machine:  Pet dander can get everywhere, so cleaning all those nooks and crannies often is a must do.  Another good idea is investing in a vacuum with a HEPA filter that traps those tiny allergens before they can escape back into the air.

Easier to Clean:  Homes with an abundance of carpets will be harder to keep “dander-free.”  Rip up old carpets and replace with easier to clean hardwood, tile or parquet flooring.  In addition, avoid fabric-covered sofas and chairs as pet hair is extremely difficult to remove from these surfaces.

Filter the Air:  Investing in an air purifier or putting filters on your central air vents will help keep your environment clean and keep the allergens from spreading throughout your home.

Keep Pets Away From Your Face:  Although you may want to snuggle those cute little furry faces, this area on your body is the worst for taking in allergens (nose, mouth and eyes).  If possible, keep your pets away from your face and avoid being licked (enlisting the help of a trainer to give your dog some extra guidance for this habit is a good idea).  In addition, always wash thoroughly after playing, petting or being around your furry companion to keep your symptoms from flaring up.

Bedroom is Off Limits:  For those with pet allergies, it’s important to keep your beloved companion out of your bedroom. Most animals want to snuggle with their pet parent, especially at night. This can be disastrous for those suffering with asthma or allergies, so keep your door closed and your bedroom a pet-free-zone.

Regular Bathing of Fido:  Although there’s no scientific evidence that supports the frequent bathing of your dog to keep the dander down, there are specialized shampoos that claim to do so.  Giving your dog a bath once a week will keep the outside pollens, dust, dirt and debris from accumulating on its fur, which in turn may help with your sneezing and itching.

Unfortunately, some people cannot tolerate the effects of a pet in the household no matter what they do, so rehoming becomes necessary; however, do this wisely and responsibly.  If possible, find a friend, neighbor or family member that can temporarily take your pet until you can find a suitable home for it.  At KirinGie.Me, we NEVER recommend you to advertise your pet for free.  There are many unscrupulous people who take advantage of these animals by using them as bait dogs for dog fighting rings and animal laboratory experimentation.

KirinGie.Me is here to help change the plight people have when it comes to rehoming their beloved fur-baby, by making the process fun, effective with the help and support of other caring pet parents. We believe it’s not ok to dump them at animal shelters. We believe pet owners should take control and do right by their most loyal pets. The solution is simple, it starts with you.

At KirinGie.Me pet owners will be able to create a social pet profile starring their pet.  If there ever comes a time when the pet parent must rehome their companion, all they have to do is trigger the emergency alerts to the community.  This instantly gives them visibility within their community to maximize the reach of their pet’s profile giving those who are interested, or at least curious about the pet, a complete overview of the pet so they can determine if the pet is the right fit for their family.  The interested person would then reach out to the pet owner to begin the conversation. Pretty cool – right?!

Is KirinGie.Me in your community yet?

If not, pre-register today to let us know you want our program in your neighborhood. Be the voice pets need. Together we can protect them. There is no cost or obligation to join.

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