It’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month – The Purrr-fect Time to Celebrate our Feline Friends

“I’m a cool cat. I love to purr when I’m happy and I love to keep myself clean. I’m quick to learn where the potty is AND I know how to discreetly cover it up, unlike those other tail-wagging pets. Plus, I have been known to catch a rodent or two and will even put myself in harm’s way by sliding across the mantel to track down that pesky housefly.  I’m the purr-fect pet and this month is all about me.” —  cat with tons of purrs to offer


Sad and lonely? Too much empty space in your heart and home? Guess what? It’s ADOPT A SHELTER CAT MONTH!

Problem solved.

Here’s what you should know…

At last count, it was estimated that 3.4 million cats and kittens entered our shelters. More stats on that at the ASPCA website.

Animal shelters put a lot of time and effort into finding homes for as many cats as they possibly can. 37 percent of cats and kittens were placed into furever homes. Unfortunately, time, space and funding is limited making it impossible to give them all the care and exposure they need for folks to adopt the shelter cats. Sadly, 41 percent of cats and kittens didn’t make it out alive.

Right here, right now…

Kitten season is upon us. You can walk into any local shelter right now and find many bundles of fur tumbling and tussling all around. It’s such an endearing sight. You’re probably already thinking “I’m going to adopt a shelter cat!”

These cute, fur-bundles of energy require just a wee bit of time to raise these little rascals, kitty proofing your home to ensure their safety. The rewards of raising a kitten are bountiful, full of play and ongoing entertainment.

Warning: kittens have been known to affect human behavior in odd ways.

If you are not the “coochie coochie coo” type and prefer to skip ahead to adopt a shelter cat that is in the mellower stage of its life, you are bound to find the one who just gets you. The thing about older cats is that they have lived a little and are that  much wiser. When you visit a shelter cat you’ll know that they’ve known love, loss and yearn for attention. At the slight reach for their head you’ll be met with non-stop purrs. Or like this sweet senior cat may faced with a small challenge to win them over but the rewards of patience are priceless.

Warning: don’t let age fool you. Tear jerker here.

If you can’t decide kitten or cat, then why not TAKE any combination of 2! You’ll find the cats will amuse themselves for hours on end. When adopting more than one shelter cat, make sure to have the cats meet and spend a little time together to ensure they get along.

Warning: more than one cat can be…well, just see for yourself.

Cats make great pets…

Cats unique personalities and nonchalant disposition makes them the perfect, low maintenance, totally chill kind of pets. Like with every pet, there are a few things to consider when adopting a cat. A good cat diet is important in order to help them maintain the proper weight and you can even enjoy a healthy garden with your new found friend.

Don’t judge based on color. For some reason black cats get the raw end of the deal, often they are overlooked, stay behind longer or don’t make it out. Because of their color, you must exercise a little extra care during Halloween to make sure they are safe, indoors. Other than that, they are just as friendly as lovable as the rest.

Responsible pet ownership…

Taking in a pet is a serious commitment. As responsible pet parents, we need to have our cats spayed or neutered and encourage other pet parents to do the same. Not only does this cut down on unwanted litters, but it also keeps our feline friends happier, healthier, and can even add years to their lives.

According to Healthy Pets, cats left in a shelter situation over a long period of time tend to get stressed out since they are unable to have any control over their daily lives. In addition, most felines are forced to live in cramped conditions where they are unable to fulfill their natural instincts of scratching and stretching. This can lead to depression and make them appear “unadoptable” since their true personalities don’t have a chance to shine. For these reasons, shelters are starting to implement new practices when it comes to their cat residents to ensure their mind and bodies are stimulated.

Happy round-up!

If you are not reaching for the keys ready to head out the door to your nearest animal shelter yet, take a look at this video to help you make that decision.

Common, you know you want one! 😉 

If we’ve inspired you to adopt a cat. We want to know. Post a pic below.


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