Plush Animal Lovers Day

15 Animals Cuddling Their Plush Best Friends

Cuteness alert. Proceed with caution.

Here at KirinGie.Me, we definitely have a soft spot for all things warm and cuddly. But as if our fluffy animal companions weren’t cute enough on their own, so many of them multiply the cuteness when they share their puppy (and kitty) love with their own cuddle buddies.

Seriously. How much more adorable can it get?

Today, on National Plush Animal Lover’s Day, we celebrate not only our favorite life-size “plush” companions — because is there anyone better to snuggle with, really? — we also recognize the squishy pals that make our pets’ hearts about to burst. Check out our video and gallery for more heart-melting sweetness than you ever thought possible.


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