11 Animals with Beards More Epic Than Yours

“Go beard or go home.” — The Bearded Collie

Depending on your facial hair preferences, your ability to channel your inner Viking, or perhaps even the amount of money you have set aside for debatable necessities like razors, the trending month-long holiday “No Shave November” (or Noshember, if you’re feeling hip) is either a blessing or a curse, no matter who you are.

Fortunately, unlike their human caretakers, animals don’t have to worry about whether or not to indulge in the aesthetic implications of this month’s homage to all things hairy. They’re blessed with rockin’ facial hair naturally.

No Shave November is in full swing now, and while we’ve already shared a few well-known fluffballs who know how to embrace their luxurious locks, we all know what Noshember is really about: the beard and mustache. In honor of beardage and facial hair glory, here is a splendid gallery of envy-worthy pet beards from across the internet.

Owlbert, the fluffy cat who rocks his mustache like a sir.

Mustache Cat


This Bergamasco whose neat beard coordinates nicely with his coat.


mfortini – Flickr

This cat and his mustache both think you should try harder.

Mustache Cat


This Schnauzer who is channeling Duck Dynasty.


Mateusz Drogowski – Flickr

This Charlie Chaplin kitty is all about No Shave Forever.

Mustache Cat

Jordi Sanchez Teruel

This German Wirehair Pointer gets first place for best handlebar ‘stache.

German Wirehair

101 DogBreeds

Hamilton, the hipster kitty that was doing No Shave November before it was cool.

Mustache Cat


This Airedale Terrier, who prefers to sport the goatee look.


Wood Crest Kennel

This cat with a grandpa mustache will tell you awesome fishing stories, sonny.

Mustache Cat


The always majestic Bearded Collie, who just happens to have a mustache too. And some fringe.

Bearded Collie

Blake Handley

And finally, this grumpy, messy kitten whose milk beard is so adorbs we literally can’t even.

Bonus: A Highland Cow who is straight out of a 90’s garage band. No facial hair needed. Dude.

Highland Cow

Steven Gourlay

Do any of your pets have cute or unique markings, or maybe a little extra hair to brag about? Let us know in the comments!

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