10 Reasons Why

Pet owners are joining KirinGie.Me:

  1. Record your pet’s life adventures in one location
  2. Meet neighborhood pet owners
  3. Gain access to discounted pet services
  4. Join in on pet friendly walks, hikes and events
  5. Participate and save through pet sitting exchange
  6. Show support to pet owners in need of help
  7. Spread the word when pets have gone missing
  8. Spread the word when pets need temporary foster care
  9. Spread the word when pets need to be rehomed
  10. By joining KirinGie.Me you help keep pets out of shelters and from risk of being euthanized

Oh and it’s completely FREE!


Help us build a responsible pet owner community. Our goal is to centralize resources and bring pet owners together to raise the pets we keep for life. And if life happens, help one another to keep pets safe in homes.

The change starts with you. Join us.

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