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Pets and Disaster Preparedness

“Something strange is in the air. Something is going to happen but my humans don’t know it yet.” — family pet

The emergency plan…

It’s important to have an emergency plan in place for your family and that includes the family pets. Natural disasters can happen without warning. A family with a plan is better equipped to handle life’s emergency disaster challenges more effectively.

It doesn’t take much to put a plan together, share it with the family, neighbors and / or friends you can count on.  The benefits of having a piece of mind knowing you are prepared will make a difference if anything were to happen.

The supplies…

A backpack of plastic bin is all you need for all of your emergency pet supplies. This way, whether you are in a situation at home or need to evacuate, everything is already together and in one location. Here’s a checklist of what to include in your kit (Download: Pet Emergency Checklist):

  • CheckListVet records and the phone number to your vet
  • Food and water for 7 days
  • Leash, collar, ID tag and muzzle – some emergency shelters will only take muzzled pets
  • For cats, don’t forget a litter box, scoop & trash bags
  • Pack something of comfort such as a blanket or stuffed animal
  • Pack a photo of your pet and you with your pet to prove ownership
  • Medications / pet first aid kit
  • Is your pet microchipped? Microchipping is a great way to get you and your pet back together if you are separated

Additional resources…

In addition to having an emergency kit prepared, the website Ready.gov suggests having a back up shelter plan for your pets as some emergency shelters may not allow pets. For your home, be sure to have alert stickers on your doors telling rescue personnel about your animals. The ASPCA will send you one for FREE.

While we mostly concentrated here on domestic animals such as cats and dogs, below are a few additional pet specific resources for emergency preparedness:


The KirinGie.Me Idea

An online space where pet owners create their pet’s profile. Why? Because pictures and videos of the pets we love can tell a story that does them justice. A KirinGie.Me pet profile can serve as our memory lane, or be used as a quick, shareable reference if our pet is lost, or a future landlord is on the fence, an opportunity for neighbors to get acquainted, get together and socialize, or if the human / pet relationship doesn’t work out, or life takes the wrong turn where rehoming is the only choice…this profile becomes a treasure trove for the community and an animal shelter to do right by the pets we care about.

If this vision is something you can see yourself supporting, subscribe and stay tuned.

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