In loving memory of my best friend and loyal companion – Max.

11 years of great memories, fun adventures, lessons learned and immeasurable happiness.
Rest in peace my sweet Max. You will always be in my thoughts and in my heart.
My sweet Max crossed the rainbow bridge the afternoon of Wednesday, February 1st. Cancer (Oral Melanoma) won.

“Max Was Here”

KirinGie.Me :: Our Pets paw-print-white-2 Their Story

As human beings, we identify with stories. Why not tell our pet’s story to help our neighbors see the magnificent (or challenging) creature we love. Their story will warm up hearts to give our pets a better life.

Kirin Gie

Kirin (creature of stories) + Gie (to give)
Every Pet Has A Story
Only you can tell it for them.

How the name KirinGie.Me came about


Capture The Moments

It’s the smiles and silliness of our pets that captivate us all. So capture the adventures, and share their story.

What a story can do…

If you knew a pet’s story there wouldn’t be so many at risk of being euthanized daily. Great cats and dogs like Sam never make it out of shelters alive.

Click Sam’s image below to see who Sam really is.

Would you help?

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Because pets are family.

KirinGie.Me A Pet-Centric Community

It’s all the little things that add up to raising happy, healthy, social pets. By coming together as a pet caring support network, we are helping reduce the number of strays (over 100 million in the US), we help reduce the number of shelter surrenders (nearly 8 million), we help reduce the number of euthanized pets (nearly 3 million). It is our social responsibility to give back to them who give so much to us. Sign up for an invitation to create your pet’s profile.